• Ning Xie
  • News:

  • Dec.,24th: Students can borrow the refernece books here as figure.
    Please return them on time in order to facilitate others to borrow.
  • Oct.,15th: Last class by Prof. Randy Pausch [video]
  • Oct.,8th: Forum8.co.jp VR competition [demo video]
  • Oct.,8th: All 6 groups have already submitted the 1st reports by today.
  • Schedule

    Final presentation workshop

  • Time: 2016-Jan-08 13:30-15:30
    Location: SSE 319
    Have a fun with presentation and snacks!
  • Dec.2015

  • 29th: Question answering lesson.
  • 24th: Slide download [click: Slide-DEC-24] [click: sourcecode-dec-24]
  • 22th: Slide download [click: Slide-DEC-22]
  • 15th: Slide download [click: Slide-DEC-15] [click: sourcecode-dec-15]
  • 8th: Slide download [click: Slide-DEC-8]
  • Nov.

  • 26th: Slide download [click: Slide-Nov-26]
  • 24th: Invited Speaker Prof. Felix.
  • 17th: Slide download [click: Slide-Nov-17]
  • 12th: Slide download [click: Slide-Nov-12]
  • 10th: Slide download [click: Slide-Nov-10]
  • 06th: Slide download [click: Slide-a-Nov-6] [click: Slide-b-Nov-6]
  • Oct.

  • 29th: Slide download [click: Slide-Oct-29] [click: sourcecode-Oct-29]
  • 27th: Slide download [click: Slide-Oct-27] [click: sourcecode-Oct-27]
  • 20th: [click: sourcecode-Oct-20]
  • 15th: Slide will be uploaded soon. [click: sourcecode-Oct-15]
  • 13rd: Slide download [click: Slide-Oct-13].
  • 8th: No class.
  • 1st: No class.
  • Sept.

  • 29th: Slide download [click: Slide-Sep-29], [click: sourcecode-Sep-29].
  • 22th: Slide download [click: Slide-Sep-22-a], [click: Slide-Sep-22-b].
  • 17th: Slide download [click: Slide-Sep-17].
  • 15th: Slide download [click: Slide-Sep-15].
  • Student group information

    (L) means group leader.
  • #1: 13**838(L),13**831,13**851,13**853,13**912,13**365
  • #2: 13**939(L),13**949,13**959
  • #3: 13**876(L),13**845,13**877,13**908,13**938,13**005
  • #4: 13**977(L),13**996,13**868
  • #5: 13**966(L),13**858,13**893,13**940,13**963,
  • #6: 12**900(L)